Colleen has been in the business of styling hair for 24 years. She’s funny, friendly, and she knows her stuff when it comes to style. Colleen is absolutely in love with her profession—you can hear it in her voice and you can see it in her dedication.

Colleen is a full-service hair stylist at and owner of Restoration Hair, a quaint studio where she works with all types of hair on men, women, and children and is fluent in all styles, from classic to trendy. Colleen is certified in Perfectress Hair extensions and specializes in texturizing, color, curly hair, and razor cutting. She’s up to date with all the latest trends, but also prides herself on her ability to work with classic styles. Whether you want your hair dyed purple or done up like Marilyn, Colleen can make it happen.

If you’re as crazy and colorful as Colleen, you’ll probably end up in her chair. Her customers describe her as understanding, great at listening, and extremely knowledgeable. She’ll regale you with countless stories about her travels if you ask her to. Above all else, Colleen likes to make her customers feel both welcome and comfortable.

For over 8 years, Colleen has worked as an educator, travelling to salons around the country to teach cut, color, and business skills. She loves being able to educate others in the skills necessary to be great at what they do. Colleen also loves to attend trade shows and network with industry professionals. She works as a lead for ENJOY Professional Hair Care’s trade shows.

Colleen also stays informed about the fashion hair industry and the products she uses. She’s learned in the science of hair and can readily explain how her products work on a detailed level. She likes to use products that are as healthy, effective, and high-quality as possible.

Colleen is a Nerium brand partner. Nerium is a line of skin care products that includes an anti-wrinkle cream, a day cream, and a skin firming cream. She also uses products from ENJOY Professional Hair Care, DevaCurl, Innersense, and High Quality Hair Care.